Registration Arrangements

Announcement of Admission Results

We will notify parents of the K1 admission results by e-mail before 16th December 2023.

Centralised Registration Dates

4th to 6th January 2024

Arrangements on the submission of registration documents and fees

Please should complete the registration during the designated period in person by submitting the Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission or the Admission Pass and paying the registration fee HKD 1500 for the 2023/24 school year. Please note that if parents are unable to submit the Registration Certificate or the Admission Pass within the designated registration period, we may not be able to admit the child. Hence, parents are strongly advised to submit the application for the registration documents within the specified period.

Registration Arrangements for Applicants on the Waiting List

Should there be any vacancy after the Centralised Registration Dates, we will inform parents by e-mail.

Change of School after Registration

If parents intend to change school for their child after registering with us, please notify us in writing. We will return the Registration Certificate/Admission Pass but the registration fee will not be refunded. We will also no longer reserve the place for the child after returning the Registration Certificate/Admission Pass.

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